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When I sell my baklava at events, many people glance down at my sample tray and say, “Oh, I’ve had baklava, it’s OK.”  Then they try a bite….

I started Maria’s Original Baklava in 2011 after years of baking baklava and other sweets and hearing people say, “You should sell this!”  I love introducing people to the delicious tastes of Greek culture and sharing a piece of my heritage this way. 

Baklava is a traditional Greek and middle-eastern pastry that was never intended to be “fast food.”  The baklava served at most restaurants and diners is bought in bulk and kept frozen for weeks, even months, before being served.  As if that isn’t bad enough, that pre-packaged baklava is usually slapped together in factories with whatever nuts and oils are cheapest for the company at the time, and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (yuck!), not real honey. My baklava is a whole different experience.  Each filo leaf is brushed with real butter, layered with freshly crushed walnuts and drizzled in real honey.  Simple, natural ingredients, authentic process, each pan baked fresh. 

What happens to people after they try one of my sample bites?  They gasp in surprise and say, “Oh my gosh, this is delicious!”  That’s how it’s supposed to taste.

I’ve recently added a few other traditional Greek items to my menu- try the kantayef, made with almonds and walnuts rolled in shredded filo, and the kourambiede, a light buttery almond cookie topped with powdered sugar. 

For more information, visit the Retailers page to find out what shops sell Maria’s Baklava, and the Events page to see where I’ll be selling Maria’s Baklava – maybe at an event near you!  Click on the Orders page for more information on what items are available, pricing, and more.

Everything is baked with pride by me, and meant to be savored by you. Kali oreksi (good appetite)!